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Best Massage Studio: Wellness & Spa, Fitness & Massage in Vienna

Deep Relaxation, Refreshing Spa, and Massage Services for Immense Customers’ Satisfaction at our massage studio.


Get everything you need for sensational relaxation, body renewal, tension relief, stress reduction, and wellbeing promotion in one stunning, secure location with The Golden Tree wellness, fitness, spa &
massage in Vienna. 

Astonishing Golden Tree Spa – Massage Studio

We are glad to welcome you to the Golden Tree, a recognized international (family) company located in Miami Beach, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Munich, Bratislava, and Vienna (AT). Our unsurpassed spa and massage studio is ready to provide top-quality services for relaxation and body recovery. Whatever kind of massage in Vienna you’re looking for, you are sure to get it with the Golden Tree. Our professional massage therapy specialists will guarantee a personalized approach to achieve the complete satisfaction of all clients.


An active life in a city is lovely, but to cope successfully with urgent matters and worries, you need some rest and vitality restoration. Our massage studio's wellness complex of procedures using water, seaweed, medicinal plants, and therapeutic mud helps the body relax, fill up with energy, and shine with renewed vigor.

The main aim of our spa center and massage studio is to remove body fatigue, toxins, and rejuvenate it. Our designers have selected such a palette of colors and interiors that create a calm atmosphere, inviting you to relax. The Golden Tree spa center Vienna offers you maximum comfort: here you will not only restore energy but also rejuvenate your body, feel harmony and peace of mind.

Choose A Massage Studio at Our Locations in Vienna, Austria

We have different massage centers in Vienna, Austria. To make sure of the highest quality of our services, you can visit our spa centers. Choose a massage studio that is more suitable for you to get the best massage in Vienna Austria.


Importance of Spa for Your Health


Regular spa procedures contribute to your body's health and beauty. Just a few sessions at our massage studio will allow you to notice the first results: the skin will become soft and silky, firm and tightened, the body will become toned, and you will forget about your bad mood and endless fatigue. 


Why are SPA treatments essential?


• spa helps the body to get rid of toxins and saturates it with oxygen and other nutrients;

• complex spa care improves blood circulation and accelerates lymph flow, which has a beneficial effect on tissue nutrition;

• body treatments help rejuvenate the skin – solve its problems (cellulite, stretch marks, etc.), improve skin color, prevent loose skin, and restore muscle tone;

• spa also has a beneficial effect on the immune system – especially important in the autumn-winter period;

• the procedures at our massage studio don't stop at improving the appearance, but also fill up with positive emotions, helping cope with the loss of energy, apathy, and stress.

Visit a well-equipped spa & massage studio at the renowned 5-star luxury InterContinental hotel. With over 350 m2 of fitness and sauna area and free InterContinental Hotel's WiFi, it’s an excellent place to reduce muscle tension and emotional stress with a top-quality massage in Vienna Austria.

We ♡ InterContinental

Come to our modern spa and massage studio situated at the gorgeous Vienna Marriott Hotel. In addition to the best massage Vienna Austria, you’ll have everything necessary for complete relaxation – from a huge indoor pool and an aromatic steam bath to an infrared sauna.

Why People Choose Golden Tree Massage Studio for Wellness & Spa, Fitness & Massage in Vienna

Taking care of your health in the spa center and massage studio is much better than home procedures. Every person should visit a professional spa. Our experienced masters will help you restore vitality, stabilize the emotional state, accelerate fat burning, get rid of puffiness and varicose veins, and improve well-being and appearance.


The massage studio, our spa center Vienna, is equipped with everything you need. There are treatment rooms and baths: traditional, Roman, Turkish hammam, infrared sauna, salt, and aromatized caves. They have different humidity and temperature conditions for your preferences. Thus, you will plunge into the mysterious and magical world that will distract you from everyday life, remove all the negativity accumulated in the bustle of city life, and heal your body.


Be sure that the masters will individually select the best spa procedures for each client – an individual program for restoring youth and beauty. They will open up new possibilities for the unity of soul and body, based on health conditions.


Feel like a Goddess


A woman can rarely deny herself complex cosmetic procedures for skin, body, and hair care. Peelings, massage, body wrap, and relaxation in flower baths are carried out using natural cosmetics generously given by nature: sea salt, mud, sand, clay, seaweed. Besides, spa procedures at the massage studio are performed using natural aroma oils in combination with various massage techniques. With the Golden Tree spa center Vienna, you get a toning aroma massage using essential oils and scrubs to remove dead skin cells and nourishing masks from sea minerals. We also offer a bath with sea salt and citrus oils, a body massage with a scrub, and a massage using warm herbal oils and a steam bath.


Ancient traditions and modern technologies of spa procedures from different parts of our vast planet have passed through the centuries and millennia, proving their effectiveness. Thus, it is worth getting a healthy dose of aromatherapy, achieving the desired results for the body, and feeling harmony in the soul!

Massage In Vienna, Austria Golden Tree

Vast Variety of Massage Services


Our salon can provide massage services of various kinds, depending on the clients' physical condition, personal needs, preferences, wishes and time available.

Massage In Vienna Golden Tree

Professional and Polite Masseurs


We have an experienced team of knowledgeable massage therapy specialists who specialize in different kinds of massage, wellness and health services.

Golden Tree Massage In Vienna, Austria

Individual Approach to Clients


We always try to satisfy our clients, so we’ll help you in choosing an appropriate service and provide top-quality massage not even hotel visitors but also guests and residents.

Golden Tree Massage In Vienna

Mobile Massage Services

For those people who cannot come to our massage centers, our specialists can provide mobile massage services at other hotels or offices to ensure the best suitability.

Massage Studio with the Best Atmosphere for Massage in Vienna

The Golden Tree team tries our hardest to provide you with the highly-relaxing conditions for massage Vienna Austria. As the proper massage atmosphere is essential to get the desired result, we take great care of every detail. Let us help you unwind and relax in the most tranquil surroundings!

The Golden Tree Massage Studio's Spa Rituals

SPA rituals for the face

Get rid of fatigue and lack of sleep, remove the first wrinkles, and make the skin more elastic - our SPA methods for the face will cope with all these goals. We will offer you scrubs and peelings, vitamin and clay masks, massages, and hardware-based procedures. Our professionals will pay attention to lotions, creams, and cosmetics based on sea minerals to consolidate the result.

SPA rituals for hands

We provide a whole ritual of hand skin care - relaxing baths with the addition of sea salt, rejuvenating masks, massage with aromatic oils. Our masters will also help you find the right hand cream that you can use at home. 

SPA rituals for legs

Beautiful legs are a "visiting card" of a woman. Depending on your characteristics and needs, you may be advised of decongestant and anti-varicose treatments. Baths with salt and essential oils will help eliminate fatigue in the legs, unique wraps (mud, algal, even chocolate) - manual and hydromassage will help gain gait ease. 

SPA body rituals

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of spa treatments for the body: these are detox, and rejuvenation, and anti-cellulite activities, and relaxation of the whole body, and getting rid of minor inflammations, and improving metabolism, and much more. 
Popular spa treatments for the whole body:

- salt and algal peelings;
- wraps;
- baths: sea, milk, modeling, relaxing;
- jacuzzi with hydromassage, Phyto barrel, hammam, sauna.

More Information about Our Massage Studio

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We offer a wide variety of therapeutic bodywork at the massage studio. Many of the services are customized to each client's needs. There are many benefits of massage therapy, including relaxation, improved or enhanced range of motion, and stress reduction. In addition, many people are able to reduce pain and stress without the use of medications and in some cases without any extra therapy at all. Our goal is to help you feel your best. We have specialists in relaxation and prenatal massage. Our treatment room and massage studio are equipped with the latest technology to help you get the most from your massage sessions.

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Join the GOLDEN TREE Family – Hotel Partner Program

We offer a beneficial partnership and long-term fruitful cooperation to the hotel owners. With our best massage not even in Vienna-Austria, but world wide , you are sure to attract more visitors and increase your hotel rating. Contact us right away to join The Golden Tree family and enjoy countless advantages!

Golden Tree Massage Studio: World-Class Services and Supreme Facilities

Best  Services at the Golden Tree Massage Studio


We offer 25, 50, and 80-minute sessions of professional massage therapy at the massage studio or 50-minute mobile massage sessions at the preferable location (home, office, corporate events, etc.).


The Golden Tree massage therapists are experts in various massage types and techniques. The main types our therapists give at the massage studio are: 


deep-tissue massage, awarded as the best worldwide in 2019/20, providing natural healing and being more intense than others; 

individual massage – the most customized type with customers' complete control; 

wellness massage, a highly-relaxing type; 

lymphatic drainage, a healing lymphatic massage; 

Swedish massage, a classic massage; 

foot reflexology, a reflexology massage of footpoints; 

cupping therapy for treating blood disorders, skin problems, rheumatic diseases, etc.; 

sports massage for sports professionals and people with an active lifestyle; 

a stimulating anti-stress natural honey massage.


Find out more about massage types and their benefits and book an appointment at the Golden Tree massage studio:


Our Massage Services


Massage Studio with High-Class Facilities


We provide fitness, wellness, and spa services in a warm, inviting, and private atmosphere. The Golden Tree offers supreme indoor and outdoor facilities to make the bodywork highly effective.


With our high-class treatment and relaxation rooms, luxurious spa area, restaurant, fitness club, and comfortable deluxe suites, any client can feel absolute pleasure of relaxation.


View Our Facilities

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What Clients Say About the Golden Tree Massage in Vienna

Please feel free to read what our guests say about their experiences with us
(The Golden Tree). Their reviews are the best proof of the highest level massage services available only with our massage company. 

Want to Book the Best Massage in Vienna, Austria?

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Latest News – the Golden Tree Massage Studio

Be well-aware of the most recent news and events related to the best massage in Vienna Austria.

We opened our first location in Vienna, at the Vienna  InterContinental Hotel. 


April 1, 2019

Our second location in Vienna at the Vienna Marriott Hotel was opened. 


November 1, 2019

Miami Beach Massage

We moved to Miami Beach (USA) and got jealous there. 


September 09, 2019

Premium Fitness Club in Our Center

The Golden Tree Spa is a complex of fitness, wellness, and spa pleasures. The unique wellness area of The Golden Tree Spa is a fantastic oasis of beauty and health that harmoniously combines active sports and exquisite relaxation.
Our classic health and fitness programs are complemented by a variety of relaxation complexes and spa treatments. We strive to meet all our visitors' needs, namely physical activity and relaxation conditions in one center. The Golden Tree Spa center services are aimed at maximum customer satisfaction. 


Don’t hesitate to contact us right now

to schedule a training at Golden Tree!
24/7 Hotline:
+43 720 775 771
Or order a free 24/7 Call back 

Do Sport with Us to Be Fit

The best option for maintaining the tone and beauty of the body is to do sports. Fitness is the best way for general physical development. The Golden Tree hotel facilities include: 

• Pools 
• Gym with modern equipment and the cardio area
• Group training hall
• Universal fitness studio
• Luxurious spa area
• Unique massage techniques and spa procedures
• Professional coaching staff
• Bath complex

Group training is gaining wide popularity. Our fitness center is the best option for people who prefer to work out with like-minded people under a coach's supervision. Train, swing, stretch, jump, and dance with us! Become more energetic, beautiful, and healthier with The Golden Tree Spa center wien! Our comfortable and spacious rooms with panoramic views, the latest equipment, and the most modern fitness programs will change your fitness idea forever! Whether you are an experienced athlete, a beginner, or a professional, The Golden Tree spa center's schedule and varied programs provide everyone with training, without exception! 

Complete dedication in the cycle of life, a kaleidoscope of events, the drive, and tension of the city bring to the top but take away strength. In the Golden Tree Fitness center, you will return yourself a surge of new energy and joy of being, health, and endurance. The Golden Tree's highest value is the health of our clients! 

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Have a Marvelous Lunch at the Golden Tree Restaurant

After visiting our Golden Tree once, you will surely leave the impressions of our restaurant with its atmosphere for a long time in your memory, and the abundance of author's dishes will certainly surprise even an exquisite gourmet.


The modern and at the same time discreet interior of The Golden Tree restaurant will be an excellent addition to business negotiations, a romantic dinner for two, a family lunch, get-togethers with friends, or a banquet. We are ready to offer you a fantastic assortment of wines, spirits, and cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and make sure that you and your guests have a good time. A well-proven staff is always ready to help you. We are pretty sure that a delicious lunch is what you need after a hard workout with a fitness trainer, swimming in the pool, and even spa treatments.