Relaxation Massage in Hotels of Vienna: First-Rate Facilities

Want to reduce muscle tension, emotional stress, or anxiety? Dreaming of highly-relaxing massage therapy in the most tranquil surrounding? The Golden Tree InterNational is here to serve your needs in full! We provide all kinds of healing and relaxation massage in hotels of Vienna for both hotel guests and external visitors. Our partners and we offer a wide array of services and have multiple facilities to make your time with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our dedicated team of relaxation massage therapists can guarantee a perfect spa massage experience.

Best Relaxation and Massage Facilities in Vienna


TGT Groups & Varga Company is known worldwide for the gravest concern about our customers’ comfort and complete satisfaction. We try our hardest to provide you not only with the best hotel massage spa services but also with the first-class facilities for your greatest convenience and delight when it comes to relaxation massage in hotels. They include a business center, restaurant, and casual food outlets, kiddie pool,  comfortable suites, luxurious treatment and relaxation rooms, large swimming pools with a Jacuzzi, 24-hour spa massage in hotel as well as free Wi-Fi all throughout the hotel premises and rooms.  

The Golden Tree represents all fitness, wellness, and spa pleasures of relaxation and massage and even more.


Premium Fitness Club and Gym

The Golden Tree has a group training hall and a universal fitness studio with comfortable spacious rooms and panoramic views. The gym can boast the modern high-end equipment and the cardio area. 


Our professional coaching staff will offer a customized fitness program, guide, and support you all the way to your goal. They will also consult about spa procedures and relaxation massage, enhancing and prolonging the results.


Luxurious Spa Area

We offer spa procedures and a spa massage set where our qualified relaxation massage therapists combain unique massage techniques and spa procedures. For spa massage, they use essential natural aroma oils in combination with various massage techniques.


No spa procedures can do without professional natural cosmetics for face, hands, legs, and body. For massage spa rituals, we use exclusive scrubs, salt and algal skincare products for peelings, vitamin clay, nourishing, and rejuvenating masks, lotions, creams, and other cosmetics based on sea minerals to consolidate the result. Our relaxation massage therapists will consult and choose only the skincare suitable for you and satisfying your desires.


In the Golden Tree bath complex, our clients can enjoy relaxing baths with sea salt, milk, or other healing, revitalizing, and relaxing ingredients. The bath complex also includes a Jacuzzi with a hydromassage, an aromatic steam bath, a Phyto barrel, and various saunas: traditional, Roman, Turkish hammam, infrared sauna, salt and aromatized caves.


One more Golden Tree spa procedure is unique wraps with mud, algae, and even chocolate.

We Create Perfect Atmosphere for Relaxation Massage in Hotels

Did you know that the right spa massage atmosphere matters not less than the professionalism of your relaxation massage therapist? Frankly speaking, even the most skillful specialist won’t be able to achieve the desired result in abnormal conditions. Until your mind isn’t put in a relaxed state, your brain strives to control every muscle. Therefore, your muscles are tense and quite hard to manipulate during the whole session. It will never happen if you entrust your relaxation massage in hotel to the qualified Golden Tree team!

The Golden Tree takes excellent care of creating the best relaxation massage atmosphere for our customers. We pay much attention to every detail that can impact your emotional and physical state. We take into consideration each factor, from sounds and lighting to scents and temperature. In a word, we create the ideal conditions for a spa massage in hotels to make your stress start melting even before your session begins.

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