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Want to grant yourself the deserved moments of deep relaxation and genuine pleasure? Looking for the best Vienna massage services to make your body feel entirely refreshed and regenerated? You are at the right place! The Golden Tree InterNational provides a full set of exceptional massage services. With our first-class Vienna massage therapy, you are sure to forget all the stress and worries and get the sheerest delight and complete peace of mind.

The Golden Tree Relaxation and Massage Services

The Golden Tree provides a wide range of professional personal massage services aimed at your total relaxation and health improvement. Whether you need a healing Vienna massage therapy, a wellness massage, or a classic sports one, we are at your complete disposal. Our highly-trained masseurs offer 25, 50, and 80-minute sessions of the unsurpassed massage therapy. Also, we provide 50-minute mobile massage services at the location you prefer. Please feel free to study the detailed information below concerning every type of the Vienna massage we specialize in. It will definitely help you choose and book the massage services your body and soul require.

Benefits of massage therapies


When it comes to relaxation, there are a few things we all associate with that: spa days, cozying up on the couch with a glass of wine, staying in bed until midday and, of course, getting a massage. And although a massage is great for helping you relax, it has more therapeutic benefits, too.

The term "massage" itself actually encompasses a wide array of different types of massage, ranging from Swedish massage (the most common type), to massages that have a more targeted and specific purpose, like a deep tissue massage.

No matter the type, the benefits of a massage really come down to one thing: pressure. The skin is moved during a moderate pressure massage, which results in a calming and slowing of the nervous system. Slowing of the nervous system leads to other physiological effects, too, like a decrease in heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and changes in EEG patterns (electrical activity in your brain).

Plus, in order to see those effects, it takes less time than you might think. Researches document positive effects for massages that are only 20 minutes long.


So if you're thinking about booking a time, here are some of the biggest benefits to know about:


Sleep more soundly


Have trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia? A massage can actually help you sleep more deeply. When you get a massage, your nervous system itself actually slows down due to the pressure. That in turn reduces overall pain. So if you have any aches, a massage will do double-duty.




Fight fatigue


We've all been there: You've been tossing and turning all night, work has been completely draining, and you feel like you don't even have enough time to take a deep breath. Some people get fatigued because they're not sleeping enough, other people are getting fatigued because of some biological factors. But no matter what the cause of your fatigue is, one easy solution is a massage at least once a week!




Boost focus


Have trouble staying present in a meeting for more than 10 minutes or reading a book before bed? The effects of a massage will actually help improve your attention and ability to focus.

That's because in order for you to best pay attention, your heart rate needs to be lowered. Because a massage slows your nervous system, your heart rate is effectively slowed down, too, hence your focus ultimately improves too.


Heal injuries


If you experience an injury or joint pain (especially if the problem is long-term or chronic), you'll also have what are called soft-tissue restrictions, which cause knots or trigger points of pain. Massage therapists are getting rid of soft-tissue restrictions and increasing circulation.

Those restrictions can, over time, lead to problems like joint decay or other ligament problems, so by actively massaging out those soft-tissue restrictions, you're not only helping your current injury, but also helping prevent against other problems down the road. But the important thing when getting a massage for your injury is going to an experienced, licensed massage therapist, like the ones, who work at The Golden Tree Vienna.



Deep-Tissue Massage


Deep-tissue massage is one of the natural healing massage services we offer. Reaching the deep layers of muscles, this massage reduces chronic ache and helps in injury recovery. According to the international LTG Award Commission and our customers, our deep-tissue massage was recognized as the best worldwide in 2019/20.


This technique implies applying firm pressure and slow strokes. This massage aims to reach the deep layers of muscles to remove the hardening of muscles. Due to breaking muscle ‘knots,’ deep-tissue massage improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation. In the beginning, a masseur prepares muscles by warming them up. After that, special techniques such as stripping and friction are used. Deep-tissue massage is usually applied for chronic aches and pains. It is especially beneficial for treating such conditions as lower back pain, stiff neck, and upper back, aching shoulders, etc. Moreover, deep-tissue massage helps in injury rehabilitation, solving postural problems, and improving muscle mobility. Deep-tissue massage is usually more intense than other kinds of therapies. However, performed by professionals, this massage won’t make you feel soreness.


Individual Massage


Individual massage is among the massage services that are offered only by real masters in the field, such as the Golden Tree. It requires in-depth knowledge, as well as much practice. This service gives our clients the possibility to fully control the therapy and choose the desired massage techniques.


Customers can opt for this service if they want to take complete control over the massage therapy. Our professionals will offer a variety of massage techniques. According to their preferences and desires, clients will get an individualized massage. People can tell the masseur which techniques they enjoy most of all and ask him/her to apply them. Customers will be able to regulate the intensity of movements and pressure. Additionally, as a bonus, our clients can choose the fragrance of massage oils.


Wellness Massage


Our top-quality massage services include a highly-relaxing option, known as wellness massage. Comprising physical, mental, and emotional aspects, wellness massage helps to improve the general state of the body.


The main aim of wellness massage therapy is to enhance blood flow and reduce tension. Being broad-spectrum, wellness massage cares for the physical and emotional state. Focusing on tension relief, this therapy helps to prevent illnesses rather than cure them. Concerning the mental aspect, wellness massage provides clients with deep relaxation and stress reduction. The physical contact and special touch of the wellness therapist boost the levels of oxytocin, thus ensuring positive emotions. In short, the wellness massage reduces physical and emotional tension, promoting wellbeing.


Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic massage is one more of the natural healing massage services the Golden Tree is pleased to offer. It’s a kind of gentle, extra sensitive, rhythmic therapy that stimulates the circulation of lymph fluid.


Lymphatic drainage, or lymphatic massage, is performed by a skilled masseur to enhance the circulation of lymph around the body. This type of massage involves gentle, rhythmic pressure. The therapy improves the movement of lymph, thus removing wastes and toxins faster. Drainage massage can also be applied for preventing swelling after injuries. Similarly, it can assist in post-operative conditions. Additionally, drainage massage leads to an increase in metabolic rate and helps the immune system in general. Customers can get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome and reduce anxiety levels by improving lymph flow of the body.


Swedish Massage


Swedish massage, also known as classic massage, is, perhaps, one of the most frequently booked massage services worldwide. This type of therapy usually includes various movements to influence the topmost body muscles.


Swedish, or classic massage, is the most common type of massage. It is a gentle kind of therapy, so it can be used even if you are sensitive to touch. To work with the superficial layers of muscles, a masseur incorporates hands, forearms, or elbows. The massage applies different kinds of touch, including gliding and rubbing strokes. Swedish massage has numerous benefits. Besides relieving the muscle tension, Swedish massage improves blood circulation and increases flexibility. Moreover, this therapy impacts connective tissues and positively influences joint movement. Clients can choose this therapy to decrease muscle fatigue, reduce cramps, and muscle spasms.


Foot Reflexology


Based on the idea that feet are connected with all body organs via nerve tracts, foot reflexology aims to influence the whole body positively. Nowadays, this kind of Vienna massage is becoming more and more popular.


Foot reflexology, or reflexology massage, began as ancient Egyptian and Chinese medical practice. The fundamental belief of reflexology is the possibility to impact health via footpoints connected to different organs through nerve tracts. By applying pressure to certain areas, a therapist will stimulate specific body organs and improve their functioning. Furthermore, reflexology has comprehensive benefits on the body system, such as reducing stress and anxiety. Additionally, this therapy helps to correct hormone imbalance, overcome digestive problems, prevent menstrual disorders, and many more. So, our professionals always ask our clients to provide information about their health and condition, as well as the results they would like to get.


Cupping Therapy


Cupping therapy is one more of the Golden Tree massage services based on the techniques successfully employed by our ancestors. Incorporating the use of special cups, vacuum, and suction, cupping therapy stimulates the blood flow and treats muscle tension effectively.


Cupping therapy belongs to the ancient techniques of manual therapy. To provide this treatment, the therapist uses a special cup. By using a flame or a specific pump, the specialist creates a vacuum inside the container which sucks in the skin. This suction creates negative pressure on the surface, which is contrary to deep-tissue massage that provides positive pressure. Commonly, cupping is applied to the back. Nowadays, modern techniques suggest using cupping for other body parts, including the face. Additionally, cups can remain in the same position for several minutes, or the therapist may glide them, creating movements similar to a massage. Therapists use cupping for treating blood disorders, skin problems, rheumatic diseases, and in many other cases. Unlike common belief, cupping isn’t painful. As a result of suction, you may have slight bruises after the procedure that won’t be noticeable in several days.


Classic Sports Massage


Undoubtedly, we wouldn’t be able to call the spectrum of our massage services full if it didn’t include classic sports massage. Sports massage is beneficial not only for professional sportspeople but also for everyone who has an active lifestyle and wants to reduce muscle tension.


Sports massage, similarly to deep-tissue therapy, is applied to muscles to relieve their tension. However, sports massage usually involves a broader range of techniques. Mainly, it includes not only pressure but also active and passive stretching to release the tightness of muscles and help joints relax. Provided by professionals who have a deep understanding of anatomy, our sports massage services will provide targeted treatment and bring multiple benefits. Firstly, for sportspeople and those who have a lot of strenuous activities, this massage will increase the blood flow, re-oxygenate tensed body parts faster, and thus relieve muscle soreness. Secondly, sports massage therapy is widely applied to prevent injuries by stretching the muscles and tissues. Moreover, sports massage is a part of sports injury treatment, as it helps to restore the body quicker. Thirdly, this therapy is useful for optimizing muscle functionality, extending the range of motion, and improving posture.


Natural Honey Massage


Natural honey massage occupies an essential place in our Vienna massage therapy. It provides both physical and mental relief from stress due to the relaxing effect of natural honey fragrance.


Natural honey massage is highly beneficial for the body as well as for the soul. Therapists have been using natural honey since ancient times, as it is known for its healing properties. Honey is an efficient disinfectant, so it efficiently destroys bacteria and enhances the immune system. Consequently, honey massage has numerous benefits. It opens the pores and helps the body to get rid of toxins and wastes accumulated in the skin. Furthermore, such massage stimulates the blood flow, oxygenating the organism better, and improving hydration through the cleaned pores. Besides the general positive effect on the immune system, honey increases the healing capacities of the skin. Moreover, the pleasing smell of honey lifts the mood, helping to fight stress and depression.

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