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The worldwide best deep tissue massage

About our Deep-tissue massage


OUR Deep-tissue massage is one of the natural healing massage services we offer.
Reaching the deep layers of muscles, this massage reduces chronic ache and helps in injury recovery. According to the international LTG AwardCommission, THA-Travel Hospitality Award Commission and our customers, our (GOLDEN TREE) deep-tissue massage was recognized as the best worldwide in 2019/20.


This technique implies applying firm pressure and slow strokes. This massage aims to reach the deep layers of muscles to remove the hardening of muscles. Due to breaking muscle ‘knots,’ deep-tissue massage improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation.


In the beginning, a masseur prepares muscles by warming them up. After that, special techniques such as stripping and friction are used.

When we use the deep tissue massage

The Deep-tissue massage is usually applied for chronic aches and pains. It is especially beneficial for treating such conditions as lower back pain, stiff neck, and upper back, aching shoulders, etc. Moreover, deep-tissue massage helps in injury rehabilitation, solving postural problems, and improving muscle mobility.

Deep-tissue massage is usually more intense than other kinds of therapies. However, performed by the golden tree professionals, this massage won’t make you feel soreness.